Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer training

My summer training is going well, I am getting fitter and stronger all the time.

I am now looking forward to the team camp in Les Duex Alpes, France in July, although it looks like right now, for various reasons, I may be the only athlete there. Obviously this is not ideal but I am going to make the most of it anyway. One of the things I will have a chance to do while I am there is test the new wax products in preparation for the world cup in Argentina in September. We are (I am) out there for about 3 weeks and it will be my first chance to work with the new British world cup snowboardcross coach Markus Trickl. So along with Dan the wax tech we should all get to know each other quite well by the end of the camp!

I have fitness testing next week before I go away for the camp and although I never really look forward to it because it is super tough it should show the big improvements I have made since starting my dry land training at the end of April so it will be worthwhile.

Half way through next week I should get a small break from fitness testing because ITV are coming to do an interview with me at the gym.

Once again thanks to Bath Audi for providing me with a car, it has got me to the gym every day this week despite the petrol strikes. To be honest I am quite relieved I haven’t got any speeding fines yet because it is really fast!