Tuesday, January 18, 2011

World championships 2011

Today I competed in the world championships in La Molina, Spain.

With the less than ideal run up to the competition that I had and the fact it was my first world class competition since the Olympics last February I wasn’t expecting much of a result, but I finished 7th which I am very happy with.

The organizers did a very good job building a good course here despite there not being too much snow. It had some pretty big jumps and I don’t mind saying I was a little scared at the start of the training day on Sunday. I got used to it pretty quickly though so it wasn’t a big problem.

As I had virtually no training with my coach before the competition my aim was just to qualify in the top 16 so I was pleased when I had two solid qualification runs which put me through in 11th place.

My first heat today was against Deborah Anthonioz (FRA) who won silver at the Vancouver Olympics, Claire Chapotot (FRA) and Bell Berghuis (NED). We pulled out of the gate together then had some trouble on the run up to the first jump basically leaving 3 of us in the race. I got into second position and held that all the way down with no problems qualifying me through to the semi finals.

My next heat was a bit tougher, I was against Chapotot again as well as Lindsey Jacobellis (USA) and Dominique Maltais (CAN) I made a mistake at the top of the course so was playing catch up the whole way down. I managed to get into 3rd but that wasn’t enough to get me into the final unfortunately.

So I was then in the small final (to decide places 5-8) I got into third position after the first turn but then missed timed the absorption of a jump resulting in me landing flat and losing all my speed. I got passed so was then in 4th. I managed to pass again near the bottom of the course back into 3rd again and went to overtake into 2nd but couldn’t quite manage it so crossed the line in 3rd in that heat meaning I placed 7th over all.

There were a few technical things I wish I had done better in the race but with all things considered I am very happy to finish 7th today.

I hope this result might help convince UK sport that I do have the potential to finish on the podium in the Sochi Olympics in 2014 and maybe reinstate my funding.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why were the Canadians So successful at the Olympics

I just received this email through from someone about 10 minutes ago who used to know me when I trained in Canada when I was 16 yrs old. It was nice to read and see that even Canadians recognise I have what it takes to get on the podium in World Class competition! I hope UK Sport do soon as well.

I don’t have Canadian parents and even If I did I would never compete for someone else, I’m British through and through and love representing my country. This is the email:-

Hi Zoe,

You don’t know me but I know you.

I know you trained with XXXXX XXXXX for a number of years and did participate in Canada until returning to the UK.

I have two sons who were in theXXXXXXXXX Snowboard Club and then went over to XXXXXXXXXXXX and they now train the junior program.

My question to you is since the British Olympic Assoc will be discontinuing your funding come April, is there any chance you can join Maelle
(Maelle Ricker - Olympic Gold Medallist) and Dominic (Dominic Maltaise) on the Canadian team? I’m not sure if one of your parents is Canadian and if you are eligible or not.

It’s just something which came to mind as I’m certain you have what it takes to podium frequently and it would be a shame to see your dedication cut short.

All I am is an interested fan and no longer involved with the sport except to help XXXX out on the odd occasion there is a local PGS/PSL event in Calgary vicinity which sadly has diminished to practically nil.

It was nice to see our alumni Mike Robertson do so well in Vancouver and of course Matt Morrison, Mike Lambert and Pat Farrell trained with our club before going to the National Team.

Since XXXXXXXXXX went to the UK team it would be nice to see someone head this way in exchange.

Anyway....good luck in your venture to raise capital and DON’T GIVE UP! You have what it takes.


Calgary, Alberta

Saturday, January 1, 2011

On snow - good. Off snow - bad

I have had a great Christmas, I spent it in Albertville in France with all my family who were over there on holiday. (see picture of me with my Nephew Zadin shopping for Christmas dinner)

I have been out on snow for a few weeks now. On the snow it has been going well. My knee has held up well with the riding, a few niggles but nothing serious. I have been riding jumps in the park this last week.

Off the snow it’s not been going as well as I got some very bad news last week regarding funding from UK sport. They have decided not to continue giving world class funding to snowboarding. For the last 4 years this funding has been the main contribution towards my programme paying a large part of the costs of my coach, technician, physio, and their travel. The funding is guaranteed till April 2011 but after that it will be no more. Another massive thing I am going to lose is access to the English institute of Sport in Bath. That is where I have been based each summer for the past 4 years and had access to a strength and conditioning coach, physio, doctor, sports psychologists etc. Again I have this till April 2011 but not after that.

This was a massive blow obviously but I am still carrying on. I have an idea of how to fund my programme, this is to set up a business. I have a few ideas of different things I could do but I need a business mentor so I am looking for a mentor in the business world to help me out giving me some direction so I can get a steady business going to give my programme good funding and allow me to continue my aim of getting to number 1 on the world and winning an Olympic medal, preferably a gold one. If there’s anyone out there who thinks they would like to be a part of this by coming on as a kind of business mentor for me please let me know.

I celebrated new year is chattel, France last night. There were loads of teenagers setting off fireworks in the street, and off balconies nuts!

I hope you had a good Christmas and new year!