Friday, May 2, 2008

End of my season

My season is over now and I am back in Bath starting my summer training.

Last season was a very eventful one and I wanted to thank a few people who helped it turn out so well.

Thanks to Craig my coach for 5 years up until January this year, you have helped my riding immensely over the years.

Thanks to snowsport GB for helping me any way you could.

Thanks to Laura for making me all better when I fall from great heights and bruise and batter my body.

Thanks to my parents and brother Liam for always being there to support me no matter what.

Thanks to Richard for all of your suggestions, even if I don’t take them all up.

Thanks to my brother Jon for getting to the X games in time for the first day of training to act as my coach at very short notice.

Thanks to James for your coaching as well as Jon at the X games and most of the remaining world cups, especially Japan where I got silver.

Thanks to Dan for helping in so many ways I can’t even count them all.

Thanks to everyone at the EIS in Bath, Deirdre, Chris, Mike, Liz and Di, you are a fair distance away but that’s when e-mail comes in useful.

And last but certainly now least thanks to all my sponsors Nike ACG, Manx sports aid foundation, McDonalds, Donek snowboards, ServicTech, PDMS, Sure Mobile, HZ goggles and K2 boots, without your continuing support I wouldn’t be able to continue my quest for gold.

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