Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Media Madness

Media Madness! Its great!

I am at the start of the busiest 2 weeks I think I have ever had! It is full of meetings with snowsportGB, UK sport etc, media appearances and interviews.

I met yesterday with a reporter from the Independent on Sunday. Tomorrow I am meeting the photographer to get a photo to go along with that piece.

Monday im having off (well, im actually in the gym all day) I am doing an interview the Sky sports up at Milton Keynes SNO!zone on Tuesday.

I am going to the ski show in London next Wednesday where I have interviews with the BBC and the Sunday Times. As well as speaking at the press conference about the big air in London next weekend.

Next Friday there is a reporter joining in on one of my gym sessions in order to write an article about how hard athletes have to train (that should be funny) and that evening I am speaking on radio 5 live!

This is all while still training in the gym virtually every day and keeping the rest of my life going in a straight line. Oh, and by the way, BBC North West and ITV Border/West are also in the queue!
It’s nuts but im really enjoying it...

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