Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stoneham world cup. In the final again.

Today was the world cup competition in Stoneham, Canada and I got into the final for the 3rd time this season!

My first heat was tough to say the least. I was against Lindsey Jacobellis (world number 1) Sandra Frei (world number 2) and a young Austrian girl.

I had 3rd lane choice so after the first two took the two middle gates I opted for the far left gate. We pulled out and were all together going into the first turn which was to the left. I took the inside line of course as that was the side I was on which got me into second place. Sandra had been to my right so had taken the higher line into the turn allowing her extra speed to overtake me over the next few rollers putting me in 3rd position. Then in the next left turn I cut down low to get in front of her then up high to steal the fast line. It worked great and I got in front then held that position the whole way down finishing in second and progressing through to the next round.

In my next heat I was against Lindsey, Deborah Anthonioz and Alexandra Jekova. I was in 3rd coming out of the first corner but in the same way Sandra had in the heat before I had taken the higher line allowing me to pass Deborah over the next set of rollers to place myself in second. Unlike Sandra though I managed to keep the other 2 behind me to finish in second again and progress though to the final!

The final itself didn’t go too well for me with me crashing within the first 20 seconds or so resulting in me finishing 4th.

I am still happy though since I still have a heel injury from last month which hasn’t had time to heal yet and is still giving me problems enough that I wasn’t sure if I was even going to be able to compete here at all let alone get into the final.

Because of my result today I have moved back up to 6th in the world cup rankings with 3 more world cups to go this season.

Next up I have a couple of days off before we drive down to Sunday river in the USA where the next world cup is. I have never been there before so I am not sure what to expect but hopefully it should be a good race.

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