Monday, March 28, 2011

World cup finals 2011

I have finished my competitions for this season now and I finished on a high with a podium at the world cup finals in Arosa, Switzerland.

There was a variation at this competition as they ran it with 6 person heats with the top 3 progressing from each round instead of the usual 4 person heats with 2 progressing.

We had training on the course on Tuesday then qualifying on Wednesday and the heats on Thursday. I had some trouble on the qualifying day so went through in 17th position.

In my first heat I got into, I think it was 3rd, out of the first corner then within a few seconds I was in 5th, then there was a big crash and I moved up into 3rd again. I stayed there the rest of the way down the course so progressed through to the semis.

In my semi final heat I had an awesome start out of the gate and I did the first few features really well too so got I into second out of the first turn. I stayed there all the way down so was comfortably though to the final.

In the final I had some trouble in the start gate, I thought it was opening but it got momentarily stuck so I slammed right into it! As I bounced back then it dropped so I was last out by a mile. I passed one girl over the first few features then I was in 5th position. Then around the second turn I was taking a high line behind the other girls but I saw that two of them were very close together and looking wobbly so I cut down at the end of the turn so I wasn’t directly behind them and I am very glad I did because they both crashed at the end of the turn. So I was then in 3rd and held that position till the finish so came third overall and won myself a bronze medal :) well actually I won a trophy, a big jar of gummy bears and some prize money :)

After the up and down season I have had it was really nice to end it on a high. The competition was also shown live on Eurosport so it was a good one to get on the podium at!

I am now staying in France for the next couple of weeks testing new snowboards before I head back to the UK next month.


Anonymous said...

Gummi bears! Class prizes in top level pro snowboarding, I see. :-D

halvolante said...

Well Zoe, I remember this 6 year old many years ago who had trouble putting one foot in front of another hehehe, but hey girl how things changed over the years!! You developed skills which have been of great use to you and now I am as flabbergasted as you are that your talent and determination is not rewarded by funding. You have beated many an injury to achieve some of your goals Zoe and I am positive your ultimate goal will be achieved. I wish you the very very best in your business ventures and if like your ambition in boarding I am sure you will succeed...Hal