Tuesday, April 1, 2008

British National Championships 2008 - Laax

Yesterday was my last comp of the season, the British National Championships (Brits).

There was quite a lot of pressure going into it because everyone expected me to win as I am the British No 1.

The qualifying went brilliantly with me getting the fastest time in the girls and 2nd fastest in the guys! Just behind my team mate and stand in coach this season, world cup rider James Foster.

In my first heat I got in front at the start and stayed there all the way down.

Eight girls qualified here so winning this heat meant I made in into the finals.

The final was closer at the start, we were all bunched together over the first set of rollers but I got out of the first turn well ahead and I stayed in front till the end. In fact I got further in front the further we got down the course.

This has been a brilliant finish to a great season for me and it’s great to finally be able to call myself the British Champion as the Brits this year has not clashed with world cups as it has done the previous three years.

My Mum also competed yesterday in the "Masters" category and got 2nd! Everyone here keeps saying it must run in our blood.

I am off again tomorrow on a Nike ACG + Document snowboard magazine photoshoot week which should be good.

I will put up a blog soon to say how the trip went.

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