Sunday, March 23, 2008

Knee and Sports Awards.

I heard back from the doctor from the Olympic medical institute and he told me he had got the results back from the scan I had on Monday. Good news, there's no major damage to my knee so it should be ok in about a week.
Thursday night was the Isle Of Man Sports Awards. I probably wouldn't have come back home from Switzerland for it except my newest sponsor Sure mobile bought me a ticket. Its a good job too because I won a whole load of trophies!I was presented with:-

British Olympic Association Snowsport Athlete of the Year 2007.

It was also announced that my picture is going to be displayed in the Isle Of Man Sports Hall Of Fame. To top it off I won:-

Sportswoman Of The Year.

I had so many trophys I had to get help to carrying them! I am only home for another five days so I am having a party tonight to make the most of it. Happy Easter!

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Paul said...

Well done on your awards Zoe - you'll have to get a bigger trophy cabinet now!

I hope your knee improves quickly - and don't injure it further dancing at the party !

Have fun,