Thursday, July 31, 2008

Newtown primary school

The weather did get better in Les Deux Alpes, at least until the last day of our camp when we got shoed off the mountain because there was a massive thunder storm coming in.

I got back to Bath last week and the day after I got back I went into Newtown primary school to talk to the children. I had great fun with them and they were really interested in what I do.

I showed them some videos of my riding and during the ones where I was racing other girls they even started cheering for me! If I could I would take all of them to all my competitions because they were such good cheerers!

I also showed them all the gadgets we use in training such as the head cam I put on my helmet, I got them to walk around the class filming everyone which produced some very funny videos.

Thank you to all the kids and staff for such a warm welcome!

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