Thursday, August 14, 2008

Start gate

I have just gained a great new addition to my summer training!

Manx sport aid recently provided funding allowing me to get a start gate I can practice on in the summer, so hopefully I can improve my starts enough that when I am at competitions I can pull out of the gate fast enough to get out in front of the other girls on the course from the start instead of having to pass them all on the way down.

As you can see from the photos it consists of a platform which you stand on and a gate which drops in front of you so you can then pull out and ride down the ramp on the other side.

Big thank you to the Manx sports aid foundation for the funding, to Dad for building it and to Briton engineering for providing me with the snow flex which covers the whole structure enabling me to ride it on my board making it as realistic as possible.

I have a couple of weeks here in Bath before heading out to Saas Fee, Switzerland where I am doing on snow training before the first world cup in Argentina in September.

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