Saturday, March 8, 2008


The most recent world cup I competed in was in Stoneham, Canada.

I was rushed before my first qualification run because they were sending the riders down the course a lot faster than usual! Luckily, I still had an ok run and got into 10th place. That was fortunate because in my next run I fell on the first feature! I slipped down to 11th after everyone did their second run but I was still in the top 16.

They were running the whole competition in one day so we went and got some lunch first then back up to the top for the heats.

In my heat we pulled out of the start gate and I was slightly behind but I caught up over the first and second feature and was in 2nd. I stayed in that position all the way until the final turn when I was half way through the girl behind me came into the turn at a really odd angle trying to get in front of me. She didn’t manage it, instead she just ploughed into me and took us both out of the race!

At least it wasn’t the same Austrian who crashed into me in Leysin, this one was French.

The worst part is when she went into me she hit my knee full speed with her board. It’s pretty swollen now and we are hoping it’s just bruised and nothing more serious. Whatever is wrong with it it’s going to have to recover fast because I have the world cup finals in Italy in 3 days.

I finished 12th here so my world ranking is now 6th.

I will write more updates soon.


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