Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lake Placid, USA

I have just done my first world cup competition since finishing 2nd in Japan.

I qualified well in 9th place.

In my first heat I got a good start and was in 2nd into the first turn. All the way down I kept catching up the girl in front but there was no point in trying to pass because I only needed to be in the top 2 to get through to the next round, so I took it easy and made it down fine.

My next heat didn’t have as good a start, I was fighting to get into the top two when I fell on the entry to one of the turns. This put me into the small final.

I touched boards with one of the girls next to me over the first jump and we both lost speed so the other 2 got well in front and it was a battle between 3rd and 4th in that heat for me. We fought all the way down, I got in front then she passed again then I caught her up again then she got in front, it must have happened 5 times. Then over the last kicker I finally got well in front of her and passed over the finish line in 3rd giving me an overall finish place of 7th.

Then I had to go and get drug tested. They pick random people when they do drug testing at competitions and here they had decided to test whoever came 7th and 8th. It’s always a little worrying and weird to get tested but I am very careful about what I let into my body so I am sure the will be fine.

Next comp is in Stoneham in Canada then it’s the world cup finals in Italy.

P.S. the Ben and Jerry shop is now open again!

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Paul said...

Hi Zoe,

I've just got back from Kaprun and have been catching up on your exploits and ain't you been doing well - up to 5th now I see. Well done on that podium and second place and, as you say, there's only one more place to go from there and I'm sure that time's not too far away.

And I've checked the drug test web sites and apparently Ben & Jerry's aren't tested for so you'll be OK !!

Keep up the good work, and you never know, I may see you in Champery next year...damned good news for the team, Champery is a fantastic place.