Friday, March 14, 2008

World cup finals

I finally got to Italy for the world cup finals at 3 in the morning on the first day of training.

Unfortunately, my knee wasn’t any better when I got up the next morning so I was unable to ride in the competition.

I went up to watch the comp yesterday and really really wanted to be in it, not sitting watching the others! What made it worse was that there was only 23 girls (instead of the usual 40 odd) and none of the Americans were there. Which made it a really easy competition compaired to the other world cups this season.

Just to top it off, all that had to happen for me to stay in 6th in the world cup rankings was for Sandra Frie to come anywhere other than first, and she came first!

So I am now ranked 7th in the world at the end of the world cup series. Still pretty good compared to my 12th last year.

Just after the finals yesterday I went over to Bormio where the alpine ski world cup finals are. I went because channel 4 where there and wanted to do and interview with me. It went well and they said it would be shown on the 30th of March on Channel 4.

I am going to the Olympic medical institute on Monday morning to have a scan on my knee to find out what exactly is wrong with it.

Wish me luck!


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